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Galaxy of Drones Online

The game story takes place in a virtual galaxy where randomly generated planets produce various raw materials which can be used by the Players to develop their infrastructure and fleet. In addition, players may trade with the Earth or engage in battles, so beyond various military arrangements, economic decisions should be taken as well.

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Galaxy of Drones

In GoD you control a small colonizing expedition lead by your appointed captain. As you delve deeper and deeper into the unknown of star systems to harvest the most valuable minerals in space, you soon find yourself on hostile waters: this galaxy that promised prosperity to the company with all its riches is not unattended. This galaxy belongs to the drones.

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We are a group of enthusiastic players with a burning passion to create games. Our main goal is to bring the next big indie titles to life that the community can enjoy as much as we do developing them. These game ideas mainly focus on high replay values and random generation. Oh and neat graphics. We love neat graphics.


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